How to Keep Your Cat off Christmas Tree?

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With all the glossy ornaments, your Christmas tree represents irresistible playing ground to your cat. At the same time, it poses a huge risk for every cat. Tinsels, fragile balls, and strings may ruin your festive spirit if your furry friend ingests them. To keep your cat off the Christmas tree, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary clinic in Branford, recommend applying some of these steps.

Cat hidden in the christmas tree | East shore vet

Replace the Traditional Christmas Tree with an Artificial Tree

While the traditional Christmas tree usually brings nature in your home, it also brings a huge risk for your ball of fur. Cats like climbing the tree and enjoy nibbling its branches. By doing that, they might take in toxins from the needles. Because of that, your best option is to use an artificial Christmas tree to keep your cat safe.

Black cat | East shore vet

Carefully Chose Location

Before setting up the Christmas tree, you may want to stop for a second and consider all options regarding its location. Find a place far away from your furniture to prevent a cat from using it as a springboard.

standing ct | Branford animal hospital

Cat-Proof the Wires

Little kittens tend to chew the wires, but you should be careful with older cats, too. To protect your cat, you may place the lights on the upper half of the Christmas tree, keeping them closer to the center. The idea is to hide the lights inside the branches and make them unapproachable to your cat. You may also want to cover the loose end of the wire with a cord protector.

White cat | Animal hospital

Make Your Tree Stable

Cats will most likely try to find out what it is like when they climb the Christmas tree. Before waiting what would happen if they climbed, secure the tree with a stable base. You may also want to fasten the tree to a wall by using a thin rope or fishing line to stabilize the tree.

cat with christmas tree| Animal wellness center

Don't Rush to Decorate the Tree

After you find the right place and set up the tree, wait a day or two with decoration. You may want to give your cat time to explore the tree and get bored with it. When she loses her interest in the Christmas tree, you may hang the ornaments.

cat catching decorative item | vet hospital in Madison

Focus on the First Half of the Christmas Tree

Shinny and colorful Christmas balls and ornaments entice cats to play with them. While your cat might struggle to reach the glittering ball from the nearest branch, you risk the tree to topple over your cat. To prevent this scenario, place the ornaments on the first half of the Christmas tree. You may decorate the rest with non-breakable ornaments to avoid a cat to hurt themselves.

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