How to Have a Great Spring with Your Dog

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When the snow starts melting and the flowers start growing, it's time to get outdoors with your pet again! There are plenty of things you can do with your dog to enjoy the extra hours of sunlight. Here are ten things you can do this spring to keep your pup happy and healthy. If you have any questions about whether or not your dog should enjoy any of these springtime activities, reach out to us at Eastshore Vet, the best vet in Madison. We're happy to answer your questions!

Explore a new park or walking trail.

Spring is the perfect time to break out and try something new! If there's a park you've never visited or a walking trail you've never trekked, get outside and give it a go! It's great exercise for your pet and you.[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]


Give your pet's area a spring cleaning.

While you're cleaning the rest of your house, don't forget to clean up your dog's things! Wash their blanket, pet bed, toys, and bowls, and give their crate a good clean as well.

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Go for a drive.

Does your dog love to stick their snout out the window during car rides? Now that it's getting warm enough to roll down the windows during a drive, take your dog along so they can take a good whiff of the spring air.

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Renew your dog's ID tag.

Spring is an excellent time to make sure your dog's ID tag is clean, legible, and up to date with current contact information.

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Visit an off-leash park.

If your dog is good with recall, consider spending some time in an off-leash park. They will love the chance to sprint around unleashed!

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Go for a swim.

Near the end of spring, your dog may want to jump into a pond to cool down. Visit a dog park with a dog pool or visit a park with a pet-friendly pond and Fido can go for a dip!

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Shop together at pet-friendly stores.

Big name pet stores will often allow you to bring your pet along for your shopping trip, but many other stores allow dogs to come inside as well. Check your local retailers for guidelines, but if you have any errands to run at pet-friendly stores, bring your pup along so you don't get lonely!

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Go camping.

Ah, the great outdoors! If you have plans to hang out outside, consider bringing your dog along! Hiking, playing, and swimming, are all activities dogs can enjoy. If you can't bring your dog along, consider boarding your dog with us at Eastshore Vet.

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Make sure your pest protection is up to date.

Speaking of the great outdoors, be sure your dog's pest protection is up to date. Extra time outside means extra exposure to ticks and fleas, which can cause illness and discomfort for your dog. Speak to the veterinary professionals at Eastshore Vet, the best vet in Madison, for information on pest protection!

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Enjoy the extra sunlight with an evening walk.

Bring your dog out a little later than usual for an evening stroll. Always wear clothing visible to cyclists and motorists if you'll be out past dark.[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]


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