How to Get a Cat like You More?

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Even though each cat is unique with a different set of traits, they share specific behavioral patterns typical for these pets. Thus, the first thing you may want to learn is to recognize when your cat shows her love.

Instead of curling up in your lap, yourcat may give you several signs that demonstrate her affection. When your catfollows you into the bathroom, rolls over on her back, rubs her cheeks againstyou, give you a head bump, etc., you might be sure that she loves you.

If you, however, want your cat to like you more, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the veterinary clinic in Branford, CT give you the following suggestions.

Build Trust

Cats bond deeply with their owners. They gradually get to know you and need time to see whether you are safe and consistent in a relationship with her. For them, your predictability is a prerequisite to building trust. To help your cat trust you more, stick to a routine and demonstrate positive behavior as much as you can.

Give Your Cat More Space

Cats like to feel safe and secure in your presence. They don’t like being suffocated by your love. Because of that, find out what her pace is and respect her boundaries. Never do anything against your cat’s will. If you come up with an idea to pick up your cat—don't! Before you lift and hold your cat, try to be a hundred percent sure and always be ready to let her down if she feels uncomfortable.

Learn Her Language

The best tactic to come closer to your cat is learning her language. The more you understand what your cat wants, the closer you’ll get.

Know When to Stop

When your cat finally curls up in your lap and enjoys cuddling, be prepared to step away at any time. When she has it enough, she will give you subtle signs to stop. Respect that and let her go.

Learn to Be More Patient with a Cat

To get a cat like you more, you need a lot of patience. The trust you want to build, the safe relationship you want to establish, the predictable routine you want to maintain—all those things need time. Focus on long-term results and celebrate every little step you take toward each other.

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