Why to consider a pet sitter?

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Hiring a pet sitter is a great way to give you and your pet a sense of comfort while you're out of the house. If you�??d rather not take your furry friend to pet daycare, it's time to consider a pet sitter! Whether it's for a few hours or a few weeks, share these 5 pieces of information with your pet sitter. Your pets will thank you for it!

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Pet Schedule

What time does your pup usually wake up? Do the dogs get fed first thing, or do you let them out to go to the bathroom? Pet sitters will help your pets keep their regular schedule, and this will keep your pet from getting extra anxious while you're gone.


Small changes in diet can upset your pet's stomach, so make sure your pet sitter has the lowdown on how to keep your furry children nourished! Tell them what brand of food you use, how much to give them, and when to give it to them. Let your pet sitter know what treats your pet can stomach and if there is anything your pet should definitely avoid eating.


Your pet sitter will need specific instructions for any medications your pet takes. Like food, let them know how much your pet needs, how often, and when during the day they should take it. Also let them know anything to be on the lookout for; pets with medical conditions may need to be observed to ensure their health isn't deteriorating. Additionally, let them know what health-related behaviors are normal for your dog. If it's spring and your pet has mild allergies, a little sneezing may be nothing to worry about.


Some pets are friendly, some are shy, and some get set off by the smallest things! Make sure your pet sitter knows what's normal for your pet. This could help them keep your pet, other people's pets, and themselves safe!


How long does your pet get to walk? Do they regularly play fetch at a local park? Many pets get anxious without regular exercise and it's important to keep up their usual routine! Any good pet sitter will have no problem taking your dog around the block!

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