Can You Leave Your Pet Alone on New Year's Eve?

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You can't always bring your furry friend with you. Sometimes, you need to leave your pet alone, and that doesn't make you a bad pet parent. However, you may want to prepare you and your best friend in the best possible way and let your pet safely spend his time on his own.

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The first thing you may want to know is can you leave your pet alone on New Years Eve? To answer this question. veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, give you the following suggestions.

How Old Is Your Dog?

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Puppies need your presence and they can be left home up to two hours a day. They also need a safe space, free of hazards and with lots of toys. You may want to hire a pet sitter or a friend to take care of them during your absence.

Does Your Dog Suffer from a Certain Medical Issue?

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If your dog is old and has a certain medical issue, you need to be with them on New Years Eve. If you still want to go, write down instructions about medication and ask a trustful person to take care of your pooch while you are away.

Has Your Dog Already Stayed Alone?

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Confident dogs who have already stayed on their own during your absence would do great on New Year�??s Eve while you are away. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time at home and your dog gets accustomed to your presence, don't let him stay on his own. You need time, patience, and perseverance to teach him this important skill.

What Is the Breed of Your Dog?

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When it comes to spending time alone, some dog breeds such as Bichon Frise, Beagle,Maltese, Basset Hound, French Bulldog, and Shar Pei, inherit better-coping skills. These breeds usually refer to intelligent dogs that can entertain themselves for long periods without your intervention. It is worth noting that these periods shouldn't last longer than eight hours.

What About Cats?

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Cats are known for their solitary attitude and many of them would be fine if you decide to celebrate New Year far from home. You should, however, pay attention to the specific behavior that your cat shows around you. For example, if she follows you from room to room, and never stays alone, you should consider hiring a pet sitter to stay with her.

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